Where are your classes held?

At K-talk Korean Learning Center, all our classes are held in-person, and we do not offer virtual learning options. The class maximum is 10 students.

What is immersive learning?

The goal of immersive learning is to create a more engaging and effective learning experience that promotes long-term retention and transfer of knowledge and skills to real-world situations. We promote continuous learning beyond the classroom by encouraging students to engage with Korean culture through activities such as listening to music, trying new foods, watching TV shows, and other related experiences.

Who are the instructors?

All our instructors are native Korean speakers with significant teaching experience, and they hold master's degrees and certifications in Korean language teaching and linguistics.

What happens if I miss a class?

In our Adult classes, each week includes a specially allocated one-hour session with the instructor. This offers students the chance to cover missed classes, request extra support, or address any questions they may have. If a class is missed, this scheduled instructor hour is available to aid students' learning. In our kids' classes, makeup classes are not provided. However, weekly lessons and materials will be sent via email.

Which textbooks are used?

In our adult classes, we incorporate Seoul University Korean textbooks into our curriculum, serving as supplementary resources for home practice and reference. In our kids' classes, we incorporate a range of textbooks tailored to appropriate levels into our curriculum.

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